Paperless Payday for San Francisco

In today’s digital world, it might surprise you to learn that a large number of businesses – and their employees – still rely on paper paychecks. Even in San Francisco, nearly 30 percent of local businesses and more than 67,000 workers do not use direct deposit. This may sound trivial, but paper paychecks can pose problems for workers and employees alike – problems that can be avoided by switching to an electronic payroll system.

For employers, direct deposit saves money and improves productivity. On average, it costs businesses $3 to produce a paper paycheck and $8 to $10 to replace a lost check. With approximately 4 million paychecks lost nationally every year, switching to direct deposit can deliver significant and often immediate savings. In fact, it’s estimated that businesses using an electronic payroll system can reduce processing, printing and distribution costs by 90 percent – or approximately $176 per employee.

Paper paychecks cause even greater problems for employees. Live checks take time to deposit and more time clear, delaying access to much-needed income for some employees. For other workers, paper paychecks can necessitate the use check of cashing services, which can cost families more than $1,000 in fees each year. Workers who cash their paychecks are also more vulnerable to loss and theft.  Clearly, helping employees take advantage of direct deposit will help put more local workers in the financial mainstream.

To help empower businesses and their employees to take advantage of direct deposit, the Chamber recently partnered with the City and County of San Francisco and the United Way of the Bay Area to launch CurrenC SF, an innovative new program with the goal of making our city the first in the nation with a 100 percent paperless payday.

The CurrenC SF initiative and its website offer a wide variety of resources for employers to go paperless and increase direct deposit in their organizations. By signing-up with the program, employers gain access to a comprehensive implementation tool kit, tips for communicating with employees, guides to high-quality payroll products and services and access to low-cost checking accounts for unbanked employees at local financial institutions. The program also offers payroll workshops, trainings and expert advice to participating businesses.

As more and more businesses and employees adopt new technologies – in the workplace and at home – a paperless payday in San Francisco is within our reach. The Chamber encourages all local businesses to learn more about CurrenC SF and take advantage of the many resources now available to help transition your business – and your employees – to a 100 percent paperless payday.

One response to “Paperless Payday for San Francisco

  1. We are a small business in San Francisco where the majority but not all of our employees have direct deposit. When I heard about this proposal I called our payroll company to find out what we would save if we got everyone to go paperless – the answer: less than $200 a year and that was only if we got rid of ALL paper checks. Interestingly, we can’t get rid of all our paper checks becuase some of our employees have mandated deductions which go to government entities and these entities can only take a paper check. Before asling small businesses and workers to change behavior perhaps government should look at its own behavior.

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